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Today, about 16% of church-goers give less than 10% of their income to the local church, according to Lifeway Research. The same research shows that only 20% of church-goers give a tithe to the church. There is a need to encourage and teach our congregations to give so that church finances will increase. The generosity of church members is crucial to churches serving their communities and maintaining church operations. Here are 6 techniques I’ve discovered to significantly elevate church giving.

1. How You Receive Giving on Sundays Matters.

While receiving offerings, consistently share stories of changed lives from that week, connecting them directly to their generosity. Share a mini-sermon with a thought-provoking scripture. Take time to recognize and appreciate givers, emphasizing the local and global positive impact their contributions have had.

2. Regular Giving Statements Can Increase Church Finances

Want a surge in consistent giving? Monthly statements are your answer! While many churches lean towards quarterly reports, sending them more frequently keeps donations top-of-mind, fostering a steady increase in church finances.

3. It’s Important to Be Personal When People Give

A personal approach can work wonders. Regular handwritten notes express sincere appreciation. An annual dinner for leading givers, without any solicitation, can nurture this relationship. Remind them how their continued generosity enables various church activities and functions.

4. Cast Vision Annually 

Every new year is a golden opportunity to sow the seeds of giving. You can dedicate January to introducing a series focusing on the blessings of being generous. As church members delve deeper into discussions inspired by these sermons, you’ll lay a solid foundation to increase church finances throughout the year.

5. Financial Freedom Produces Fruit

When the church community is adept at personal finance, contributions often rise. Offer courses or discussions on personal budgeting and finance management. A financially confident congregation tends to be more generous.

6. New Projects Will Invigorate Giving

Introduce projects each year that would build excitement for members to give. It can be as big as launching a capital campaign or as simple as packing backpacks for kids.

By embracing these techniques, you will witness growth in community engagement, but you’re also poised to increase church finances significantly. Dive in, adopt these methods, and see the transformation unfold in your church’s financial health!


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Bill Price

Bill Price brings 25 years of experience running capital campaigns and teaching Biblical truths about financial stewardship. He has assisted over 500 churches in 38 states and has also served as a pastor in the local church for 12 years.

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