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First of all, let’s address the immense responsibility that rests on your shoulders as senior pastors and executive leaders. From spiritual guidance to the stewardship of resources, you’re tasked with numerous critical roles. One such pivotal task is a capital campaign—a targeted fundraising initiative with the aim of raising substantial funds for significant projects. Indeed, timing is everything, and many wonder: “Is fall a good time to launch a capital campaign?”

Timing is of the essence when considering such an undertaking. The season in which you launch can have a significant impact on its success. A common question that emerges is: “Is fall a good time to launch a capital campaign?”

Let’s delve into the pros and cons of initiating a capital campaign in the fall season.

Why Fall? The Advantages

1. Rhythmic Consistency

Fall often represents a return to normalcy for many families. Summer vacations have come to an end, and children are back in school. This stable routine can be beneficial because families are more likely to engage consistently. People are more charitable when they are settled into a routine.

2. Season of Thanksgiving

Fall leads up to Thanksgiving and the end-of-year holidays, putting people in a mindset of gratitude and generosity. This sentiment can be channeled into a capital campaign, encouraging a culture of giving.

3. Year-End Tax Planning

Many people look at their financial portfolios towards the end of the year, which includes making charitable donations for tax purposes. A well-timed fall campaign could potentially benefit from this fiscal awareness.

4. Momentum into the New Year

Starting your campaign in the fall allows you to build momentum leading up to January. New Year’s resolutions often include increased commitments to giving, and studies have shown that charitable giving surges during this time.

The Challenges

1. Competition with Other Initiatives

Fall is also a time for other church activities, such as back-to-school events and seasonal community outreach programs. Make sure your campaign doesn’t compete for attention and resources with these other valuable efforts.

2. Holiday Fatigue

Holiday spending can create financial stress, which could affect the contributions your congregation can make.

3. Potential Donor Burnout

Be aware of donor fatigue, particularly if your church has recently concluded other fundraising initiatives.

Tips for a Successful Fall Campaign

1. Early Planning: Use the summer for planning, allowing you to launch in the fall effectively.

2. Inclusive Leadership: Make sure to involve various church communities in the planning process for broad representation.

3. Clear Communication: Clear and constant communication is key to the success of any campaign.

4. Spiritual Alignment: Always tie back the campaign to your church’s spiritual mission for congregational buy-in.

5. Follow-Up: Effective follow-up, including progress reports and “thank you” acknowledgments, helps to sustain momentum. A church management software can be incredibly useful for this.


So, is fall a favorable time to launch a capital campaign? The season offers unique advantages that can complement the particular circumstances and readiness of your church community. However, the choice ultimately depends on a variety of factors including your congregation’s current state and needs.

If you opt for a fall launch, thorough preparation, clear communication, and spiritual alignment are vital elements that will contribute to the success of your capital campaign.

May your decisions be guided by discernment and spiritual wisdom as you contemplate this significant step for the enrichment and growth of your church community.

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Bill Price

Bill Price brings 25 years of experience running capital campaigns and teaching Biblical truths about financial stewardship. He has assisted over 500 churches in 38 states and has also served as a pastor in the local church for 12 years.

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