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The Capital Campaign Consultant for Churches

Empowering you to mobilize your congregation to steward finances wisely and give radically.

With no strategy for building a culture of generosity...

people miss out on the fruit of sacrificial giving. Not only that, but churches can’t have the greatest possible impact on their community.

Experienced capital campaign consulting you can trust

When you work with Next Level Stewardship you get 25 years of experience building a culture of giving. Bill Price has worked with 500 churches in 38 states to help raise over one billion dollars in tax-wise giving.

Are you ready?

  • To see more people engaged in giving?

  • To watch donations increase?

  • To execute successful capital campaigns?

Launch a Capital Campaign

In 3 Simple Steps

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We start by getting to know your church by doing a full examination of your finances. 

Customize your experience

Build a package and customize the services that are right for you.

Execute Your Strategy

Lead your congregation to grow in financial stewardship and outrageous giving.

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Capital Campaign Success Stories

What Pastors Are Saying About Next Level Stewardship

“It was just a positive, great experience. What makes Bill so unique and so different is the level of his personal involvement and engagement. I like a guy that says, ‘I’m not going to just show you how to do it or tell you how to do it. We’re going to do it together.'”

Calvary Church

“When it came time for Calvary to undertake its most significant building project in its history, there was only one phone call that we made, it was to Bill Price.”

McGregor Baptist Church

“There are a lot of great firms out there and a lot of great guys. I’ve worked with several of them…but I’ve had a really good experience working with Bill Price of Next Level Stewardship.”

Hope City Florida

“We use Bill Price to help us with our capital campaign. He is an expert in his field. I guarantee you, he will raise 10x more than you would if you didn’t hire him.”

David Ashcraft

“Campus number four is now launched, and going and in about six months we hope to launch campus number five. All made possible because of the funds that were raised through what we called our What If campaign.”

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What Next Level Stewardship Can Do For Your Capital Campaign

Check out this conversation with Bill Price and Russel Howard, Senior Pastor of McGregor Baptist Church. Bill has walked alongside McGregor Baptist through a capital campaign and helped them successfully reach their goals. Learn more about the methods and tactics that Bill brings to every church he serves.

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Need financial assistance to launch your capital campaign with Next Level?

We offer discounted services for churches who qualify for the Give Back Initiative.